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Informed Ospreys Program Overview

Welcome new Ospreys, we are excited that you have chosen to join our Osprey family. As our commitment to your success, we have developed the "Informed Ospreys Program", a series of modules to help you manage common challenges students often experience in college. As students transition to college, they often experience issues centered around their health, safety, security, and diversity awareness. The Informed Ospreys Program is a series of online trainings designed to help you and your peers understand, identify, and comply with policies and procedures associated with Sexual Assault Prevention, Hazing Prevention, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Diversity Awareness. As an informed community, together we make our campus a safer place to study, work and play.

Getting Started

Completing these modules is simple. You will need a computer, reliable Internet connection, access to your MyWings account (you received your MyWings account when you were given your N#) and approximately 2.5 hours for the first module and 1.5 hours for module two and 21 minutes for module three.  The entire training should take you approximately 4 hours. From there, it is simple.

  • Log in to your MyWings account.
  • Locate the Training & Development Tile.
  • From here, you can access the training by clicking on the Osprey Ascend link.
    • All your required educational modules will show in the "Required Training" box at the bottom of your screen.

Then, just begin the modules. If you must step away for any reason, you will be able to pick up the module where you left off later. Answer honestly. Don't worry. No one at UNF will ever see your answers and they will not be used for anything other than aggregate data.


You will need to complete each module by the due date noted by each module, otherwise your registration for classes will be delayed if it is not done on time. If you have questions about this training, please contact If you are having issues with your MyWings account, please contact the UNF Help Desk using our Live Chat Service.


This training is important for you and for the rest of our campus. In order to be as safe as possible, we all need to be compliant with these requirements.


Students on the Green