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College of Education and Human Services

Writing for All Learners, K-5

2024 Summer B | June 20, 2024 - August 2, 2024 | Asynchronous Online

For the first time we are offering an option that allows participants to use the Seven Bridges Writing Project Summer Institute to partly fulfill an online course titled "Writing for All Learners K-5" taught by Dr. Liz Hale, co-director of the Seven Bridges Project.

This course is designed to enhance K-5 teachers’ knowledge of writing instruction with a focus on learning practical strategies for incorporating writing across the curriculum. Throughout the course attention will be given to supporting a wide range of learners including below grade level students, students with exceptionalities (ESE) and English Learners. This course will also be differentiated for primary and upper elementary with numerous opportunities for teachers to explore content that is specific to their grade levels.

The course will begin by examining the affective and cognitive benefits of writing and why this process creates opportunities for engagement and active processing in all grades. We will then look at the developmental range of writing tasks starting with encoding in the early grades and its support of phonics development to writing that supports critical thinking with reading and content. The course will then look at writing as communication including a focus on expository and argumentative writing emphasized in the B.E.S.T. standards. During each section, modules will also discuss strategies for using writing with ESE and English Learners.

The middle part of this course will focus on practical strategies for incorporating the use of writing in classrooms. Teachers who choose to take this course in conjunction with the Seven Bridges Summer Institute from June 24-26 will complete assignments in relation to the breakout sessions they attend. Teachers who will not be participating in the Institute will choose from different provided topics on writing instruction that align with their interest and grade level.

The final part of this course asks teachers to reflect on strategies learned throughout the course and, if applicable, the Summer Institute, and create a plan for how they could incorporate writing in their upcoming school year.

Applications for the 2024 Summer Institute are now open!

Participants who decide to take this course in conjunction with the Institute will have the $75 fee for the Summer Institute waived. For more information email Dr. Liz Hale at

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