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Center for Instruction and Research Technology

Poster Printing


CIRT has a large-scale printer available for printing posters. Typical usage includes posters for symposiums, conferences, and some limited University event signage. We offer faculty one complimentary poster for any off-campus conference session. Additional posters may be printed for a fee.

The Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT) is available to assist with poster design, printing, and best practices. We recommend the following poster printing guidelines:

  • Visit our poster gallery to find various PowerPoint templates for poster development.
  • When setting up your poster, make it half of the actual print size; i.e., for a 56'' x 42'' printed poster, set it up as 28'' x 21''.
  • Send us an email 2-3 days before the print is needed.
  • Acceptable file formats include PDF and PowerPoint.

Prefer face-to-face help?

Schedule a consultation with the

Poster Design

Visit our poster gallery ( HorizontalVerticalTri-fold ) to find various PowerPoint templates for poster development. CIRT staff are also available to assist with poster design by consultation.

  • Photos and Resolution
    Use high-resolution images and graphics. Include credits and captions where necessary, and make sure images are not distorted or grainy when enlarged.
  • Graphs and Charts
    When inserting graphs and charts from Excel, Word, or other programs, use “Paste Special” and choose the “Enhanced Metafile” option for the best results.
  • Poster Text

    Use double or multiple-line spacing on all of your text. Use left alignment; text with even left sides and ragged right sides is easiest to read. The text should be large enough to be read easily from at least six feet away.

    For section headings (e.g., Introduction), use a bold typeface set at about 18 – 21 pt (keep in mind the final printed poster can be up to 200% larger). For supporting text (e.g., text within each section & figure captions), use font sizes of about 12 – 14 pt. In general, use font sizes proportional to importance:

    • Largest font size - Title
    • Next largest font size - Author Lines / Section headings
    • Medium font size - Body text / Supporting material
    • Smallest font size - Details and captions

    Finally, be consistent. Choose one typeface and then use it throughout the poster. Do not underline type – add emphasis by using boldface, italics, or color.

  • UNF Logos
    As the University of North Florida grows in prominence, so does its name and symbols. It is important that UNF’s identifying marks be revered, protected, and used consistently throughout the organization. Please refer to the UNF Brand Guide for the official logo and its variations.

Other Large Prints

CIRT may be able to print posters for UNF faculty and staff hosting events, like conferences and showcases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your event, the timeline, and the cost of the posters.

Student Printing

CIRT does not accept posters submitted by students or allow students to pick up posters. We encourage students who need poster printing services to contact the Office of Undergraduate Research. The OUR offers poster printing services to all UNF students.