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Center for Instruction and Research Technology

About CIRT

Our Mission

The Center for Instruction & Research Technology’s (CIRT) mission is to empower UNF faculty by providing exceptional instructional, multimedia, and technical support, equipping them with the tools, training, and expertise to foster student success and excellence in scholarship.

Our Vision

CIRT’s vision is to empower the UNF community to harness the potential of technology, combined with innovative pedagogical practices, to cultivate transformative and impactful learning experiences.

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Our Values


We value the creation and adoption of new methods, technologies, and insights to address evolving challenges and opportunities.


We value the transformative potential of inclusive partnerships and diverse perspectives to achieve common goals and foster a vibrant academic community.


We value and respect the emotions and perspectives of others while we work to create supportive environments that foster civility, respect, and honest dialogue rooted in trust.


We value the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors; we strive to exceed expectations in every project, interaction, and initiative, ensuring that the quality of our work reflects commitment to the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and service.

Who We Are

Rozy Parlette

Rozy Parlette

Director of CIRT
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David Wilson headshot

David Wilson

Associate Director of CIRT, Creative Team Lead
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Creative Team

Niam Jones Headshot

Niam Jones

Video Producer
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Andy Rush Headshot

Andy Rush

Course Media Developer
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Michael Boyles Headshot

Michael Boyles

Coordinator of Graphic Design
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David Johnson headshot

David Johnson

IT Support Specialist
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Ron Shecut headshot

Ron Shecut

CIRT Video Tech
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Craig Pedroza Headshot

Craig Pedroza

CIRT Video Studio Tech
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Instructional Design Team

Laura Jackson Headshot

Laura Jackson, Ed.D.

Assistant Director of Online Course Development
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Natalie Gray Headshot

Natalie Gray

Senior Instructional Designer
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Rob Rose Headshot

Rob Rose, Ed.D.

Senior Instructional Designer
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Jann Sutton Headshot

Jann Sutton, Ed.D.

Senior Instructional Designer
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Noelle Frantz Headshot

Noelle Frantz

Instructional Designer
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Noelle Frantz Headshot

Wendy Poag

Instructional Designer
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Khia Thomas Headshot

Khia Thomas, Ph.D.

Instructional Designer
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Davee Thompson Headshot

Davee Thompson

Instructional Designer
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Sara Wenger Headshot

Sara Wenger, Ph.D.

Instructional Designer
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Valdis Bean Headshot

Val Bean

Coordinator of Accessibility
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Topaze Thomas Headshot

Topaze Thomas

Accessibility Document Specialist
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Sarah Allen Headshot

Sarah Allen

Graphic Designer
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Alexandra Castro headshot

Alexandra Castro

Instructional Design Assistant
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Online Learning Support Team

Michael Russo Headshot

Michael Russo, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Online Learning Support
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Joe Stewart Headshot

Joe Stewart

Senior Coordinator of Online Learning Support
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Tanem Coskun headshot

Tanem Coskun

Coordinator of Online Learning Support
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Yasmeen Merriweather Headshot

Yasmeén Merriweather, M.Ed.

Coordinator of Training
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Katie Commissaris Headshot

Katie Commissaris

Knowledge Specialist
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Sam Shaw Headshot

Sam Shaw

Online Learning Assistant
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