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Center for Instruction and Research Technology

Qualtrics Online Survey Tool

Qualtrics is an online survey software platform that allows faculty and staff to quickly and easily create questionnaires, post surveys, collect responses, analyze results, and distribute findings. The University automatically provides faculty and staff access to its online survey tool. Students are granted access individually and only on request.


  • Custom online surveys and polls
  • Quick and custom reporting
  • Surveys from templates
  • Copy or share surveys with other UNF users
  • Export data into SPSS, Excel, etc.
  • Use conditional branching
  • Run an email campaign (distribute to email list)
  • UNF branded survey design
  • Training provided each month

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Qualtrics for Faculty and Staff

To access Qualtrics, log into myWings, click on the search icon, type “Qualtrics,” and then click Qualtrics Survey Tool. After you log in the first time, your account is automatically created. You can also log in by going to
To request an individual student Qualtrics account, please email the name and N number of the student. To request class access to Qualtrics, please email the course name and section number. Requests are processed within three business days.
For support with the Qualtrics product, check out the Qualtrics Support Knowledge Base. For advanced assistance, schedule an individual consultation with CIRT.
  • Email Limits

    Each Qualtrics account is limited to sending out 25,000 emails in 7 days. This includes all emails, i.e., campaign emails (email invitations, reminders, and thank you emails), email triggers, and emails to panels.

    If you need the email limit increased, please email CIRT at and provide the following information at least two weeks prior:

    • The number of emails to be sent within a 7-day period
    • A description of the project(s)
    • A general description of who is being surveyed (student body, purchased list of emails, etc.)
    • How long this limit needs to be in place (one-time or multiple times per year)
  • Migrating a Existing Non-UNF Account to UNF

    To migrate an existing Qualtrics account, please contact us at and provide the name of your existing account to migrate it to the UNF brand. Your account, including all of your surveys, panels, and data, will be moved into the UNF Brand. Active surveys will remain active, and response collection will not be affected.

Qualtrics for Students

To gain access to Qualtrics, students must have a faculty or staff member request access.
Once your account has been created, you can access your Qualtrics account by going to Log in using your N number and password.
For support with the Qualtrics product, check out the Qualtrics Support Knowledge Base. For basic support and assistance with the tool, contact the ITS Help Desk. For advanced assistance, schedule an individual consultation with CIRT.

Training and Support

To access Qualtrics support, visit the Support Portal, click Sign in with SSO, and then type UNF as your Organization ID. Answer the questions, including how you would like to hear from a Qualtrics support representative. 

For advanced assistance with the Qualtrics product, schedule an individual consultation or email
Live Qualtrics workshops are hosted by CIRT staff and offered as CIRT events and Center for Professional Development and Training (CPDT) workshops. Be sure to keep an eye out for current workshop offerings.

Qualtrics is available 24/7 unless the vendor performs software or hardware maintenance or undergoes an emergency service interruption. UNF does not host Qualtrics, so it does not fall under UNF’s maintenance window. Notifications and updates specific to UNF can be found on the Qualtrics System Status page.