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Center for Instruction and Research Technology

Creative Services


CIRT provides many creative services to support your teaching and research needs. With a focus on project consultation, media development, and technical assistance, the Creative Team strives to help you create compelling and engaging instructional materials. We work collaboratively with you to help bring your ideas to life with our cutting-edge technology and broad creative expertise. 

  • Graphic Design

    CIRT provides various graphic design services, including conference poster design, instructional media for teaching and research, and marketing materials for programs and events. From concept to delivery, we have extensive experience in graphic design and the University of North Florida brand.

    Services include:

    • Conference poster design
    • Instructional media
    • Digital imaging
    • Publication design and layout
    • Marketing materials, including posters, brochures, and flyers 
  • Poster Printing

    CIRT has a large-scale printer available for printing posters. Typical usage includes posters for symposiums, conferences and some limited University event signage. We offer faculty one complimentary poster for any off-campus conference session. Additional posters may be printed for a fee. Visit our Poster Printing page for more details.

  • Faculty Websites
    UNF Faculty Domains is a web hosting solution allowing faculty to create websites using modern web applications. Faculty receive their own space on to install available applications and easy-to-use content management systems to create portfolios, podcasts, archival collections, and more. Visit our Faculty Websites page for more details.
  • Photography

    Are you looking for a professional portrait to showcase on your faculty bio? CIRT provides high-quality, professional photographs with various backgrounds to suit your needs, or we can capture a natural outdoor setting for a more organic look. Our Creative Team will edit selected photos to ensure you look your best.

  • Podcasting

    Podcasting borrows from several technologies, old and new. In its simplest form, a single podcast recording is a downloadable digital audio file. However, the general term podcast is a series of recordings made available through a podcatcher. Audio podcasts are by far the most popular, but video podcasts can also be delivered.

    CIRT staff will gladly assist you in getting your podcast recorded using our audio booth or video studio and setting up a WordPress site to publish the podcast using UNF Faculty Domains

  • Scanning

    CIRT will assist faculty with digitizing various media, including documents, photographs, and film. We have two scanners for faculty use: a Fujitsu ScanSnap page scanner and an Epson Expression 1000XL fine art scanner. The ScanSnap is a high-speed double-sided page scanner that can quickly turn printed documents into PDFs. It scans in black and white, grayscale, and colors up to 1200 dpi. The Expression 100XL is a large format fine art scanner used to scan photographs, transparencies, and many film types, including negatives and slides (positives). It has a scan bed can accommodate pictures and documents up to 12.2'' x 17.2''. Larger documents can be scanned in parts, and the scans can be stitched together to create a complete digital scan of the whole document. The scanner’s maximum resolution is 2400 x 4800 dpi.

  • Mapping

    CIRT will work with faculty to create maps for print and online publication. Maps can include geographic features, locations of events or objects, and data visualizations such as category maps and heat maps.

    Services include:

    • Creating maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software
    • Creating maps from drawings, print, or other non-digital sources
    • Adding locations to a map by hand or using GPS coordinates or streets
    • Joining non-spatial data to maps (based on zip code, area code, block group, address, etc.)
    • Visualizing data on maps