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School of Computing Resources & Services

(Subject to change)


*The University Holiday Schedule closures supersede the schedules listed here unless explicitly written otherwise.

Computer Lab - Tutor Schedule - Fall 2018 (ADA Compliant)


Salim - 6 to Close


Stephen - 3 to 5

Austin - 6 to 8

Stephen - 8 to Close


Lucas - 6 to 8

Stephen - 8 to Close


Stephen - 3 to 5

Austin - 6 to 8

Stephen - 8 to Close


Austin - 12 to 6

Lucas - 6 to Close


Austin - 12 to 5


Lucas- 12 to 5

Please note that the lab schedule may be affected by classes or exams scheduled to use the room.

Tutor Detail
Tutor Subject/Topic
Austin C, Java, Comp structures and Data Structures
Salim C, Java, Comp Structures and Data Structures
Stephen C and Java
Lucas C, Comp Structures, Computability and Automata
Lab Special Reservations
Date Reason
- -

Access to software

NOTE: Students must be currently enrolled in a School of Computing Course. Have your instructor request access on your behalf.

The School of Computing provides access to:

  • Microsoft Imagine.
  • SPEC Performance evaluation software

The university Information Technology Services provides access to:

Research Consultation

Graduate and thesis students guide to requesting services is found here: Process Document.