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RF-Smart Lab Schedule

*The University Holiday Schedule closures supersede the schedules listed here unless explicitly written otherwise.

*The RF-Smart Lab is closed for the Summer semester.

ADA Complaint list of tutor schedule available below

Teaching Assistants/Tutors for Summer 2020 will be conducted via Zoom.  The Zoom link and password is located in Canvas.



Computer Lab - Tutor Schedule - Spring 2020 (ADA Compliant)


Alexander- 5PM to 11PM


Chris- 5PM to 11PM


Alexander- 5PM to 11PM


Chris- 5PM to 11PM


Alexander- 5PM to 11PM





Please note that the lab schedule may be affected by classes or exams scheduled to use the room.


Tutor Detail
Tutor Subject/Topic
Chris Deardeuff Java, C, Comp Structures, Data Structures
Alexander Isin Java, C, Comp Structures, Data Structures and Computability

Access to software

NOTE: Students must be currently enrolled in a School of Computing Course. Have your instructor request access on your behalf.