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UNF Brand Guide

Guidelines for Social Media

Social media allows you to share your story to specific audiences immediately while also building strong connections throughout the Osprey community and beyond.

Social Media Avatars

Avatars, also called profile images, should clearly identify your unit and not be customized with additional graphics or colors. Use platform banners to share the unique focus and personality of your UNF department or unit.

Request your social media avatar by submitting a ticket to Marketing and Communications.

White UNF logo on dark blue backgroundWhite UNF logo on blue background
White text of UNF Brooks College of Health on dark blue backgroundWhite text of UNF BROOKS COLLEGE OF HEALTH on blue background

Connect Through Social Media

Know Your Audience

Learn as much as you can about the social media platforms you are using and recognize that different platforms have unique audiences. Adapt your content to that audience to maximize your reach and engagement.

Stick to UNF Brand Standards

Remember that you represent UNF. Use the guidelines in this book when creating your social media profiles and posting content. High-resolution, engaging photography is important as well as consistent branding and concise and clear messaging.

Follow All UNF Social Media Guidelines

Please review and follow UNF’s official social media guidelines. If you have questions about the social media guidelines, please contact the social media team in Marketing and Communications by emailing