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Transformational Learning Opportunities

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Office of Undergraduate Studies

The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Studies is to advance the goals of the university as they pertain to excellence and quality in undergraduate education, undergraduate student learning, undergraduate student development, and academic student services across all colleges and departments.



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Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) - First Year Academic Advising 

Student Academic Success Services - Tutoring, Supplemental InstructionAcademic Coaching    

Office of Undergraduate Research 

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Transformational Learning Opportunities 




 Karen Patterson Headshot

 Dr. Karen B. Patterson 

 Associate Vice President for Faculty Resources and Dean of Undergraduate Studies



Dr. Patterson oversees UNF’s First Year Academic Advising, Student Academic Success Services (SASS), and Undergraduate Research. Additionally, the Office of Undergraduate Studies offers support for experiential learning and study abroad through the Transformational Learning Opportunities (TLO) program. Dr. Patterson works with an array of partners from across campus to enhance UNF’s freshman experience through an integrated first-year program that brings together academics, residence life, and student affairs.









Important Dates for Students and Faculty

 Transportation & Hotel Application

FURC conference location correction


Office of Undergraduate Research deadlines:

October 13: Research grants due
November 3: Travel grants due
January 19: Deadline to register for the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC)

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers several opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research. Contact Kelsey Eagen for more information.


Supplemental Instruction

November 27: 

Deadline for faculty to indicate interest in Supplemental Instruction support for Spring 2017

 Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free academic program designed to help students succeed in historically difficult courses. The program provides study sessions led by students who have successfully completed the course and are eager to help their peers succeed. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together.


Contact Dylan Charles in The Office of Student Academic Success Services (SASS) for more information.






Button - Advising NewsFirst Year Advising Deadlines for Students

November 13 - 17: Spring 2018 registration week 
November 17: Deadline to Withdraw from Fall 2017 courses 
December 7: New Student Orientation for Spring 2018 



ACE Advisors Win Several Presidential Excellence Awards 


Join the Office of Undergraduate Studies in congratulating the excellent staff members of the Academic Center for Excellence! For more information on the awards click here



 2016/2017 Outstanding International Service Award: Bruce Turner, Associate Director


 2017 Florida Academic Advising Association Excellence in Advising Award: Jeannie Jacobs, Academic Advisor


 2016/2017 Presidential Excellence SPOT Award winner: Michele Clements, Academic Advisor


 2016/2017 Presidential Excellence SPOT Award winner: Katie Sarria, Academic Advisor



Meet Our Staff Spotlight 

Academic Advisor in the First Year Advising Office; Jeannie Jacobs

Jeannie's Jacobs

I am a second generation Jacksonville native. I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature.  I began working at UNF in 1999 as an employee in the Registrar’s Office back when students still registered for classes over the phone or in person! After three years in the Registrar’s Office, I was promoted to a coordinator within the Office of Enrollment Services and oversaw the budget and personnel functions of that unit.  After about four years there, I decided to pursue a master’s degree.  I was admitted into the Counselor Education program here at UNF.  While in that program I worked part-time in financial aid and also taught German for a year at Stanton College Preparatory School.  In 2010 I came back to UNF as an academic advisor and have loved (mostly!) every minute of it. 



I work with new incoming students, of all majors, who are entering college for the first time.  I help students understand the different majors we offer and the requirements of those majors.  I assist our new students trying to navigate the university system and inform them of various university academic policies that may affect them.  I also help students with the sometimes overwhelming transition from high school to the university, specifically with regard to academic expectations and development of learning strategies which are needed to be successful at the university level.  I am a huge fan of transformational learning opportunities, my favorite being study abroad.  I would like to see more UNF students study abroad for a semester or a year and for study abroad to become more integrated into our undergraduate curriculum in the future.




Did You Know?

Academic Center for Excellence changing name to First Year Advising Office!

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The office formerly known as the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) will now be the First Year Advising Office.  Undergraduate Studies created a new unit, Student Academic Success Services (SASS), to deliver retention programming such as peer tutoring, supplemental instruction support and academic coaching.  The First Year Advising Office will continue to provide intrusive, developmental advising for first year students as well as students exploring majors.  First Year Advising is serving close to 1500 incoming first year students from summer and fall 2017, an increase of 15% over the 2016 incoming first year class.  Our First Year Advising team is excited to partner with all of Undergraduate Studies to support the persistence and graduation of our newest members of the osprey flock. 




 Supplemental Instruction addresses high failure rate courses

 Supplemental Instruction



Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free academic program designed to help students succeed in historically difficult courses. The program provides study sessions led by students who have successfully completed the course and are eager to help their peers succeed. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together.


Facts –

 Students who attend 5 or more SI sessions experience a ½ to full letter grade increase

In Fall 2016 alone, there were more than 5000 visits to SI sessions

Courses across multiple disciplines are supported, including Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Physics, & Management






 Office of Undergraduate Research continuing to support hands-on research opportunities

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Between Fall 2016 and Fall 2017 the Office of Undergraduate Research awarded over $35,000 in grants to promote undergraduate research. Since Summer 2016, student visits to the office grew 900%, and this Fall the Office hired 7 student Undergraduate Research Ambassadors to meet with students and visit classes. OUR has also partnered with the International Center, International Studies and International Affairs to host the inaugural International Research Symposium on November 17, 2017.