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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

MA-International Affairs

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the MAIA is to educate students about the political, economic, cultural, and historical dimensions of our interconnected world; foster awareness of the complex interactions between and among countries, cultures, and individuals; and cultivate interdisciplinary problem-solving skills designed to address global challenges.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able: 

Knowledge of Literature of Discipline (req) 

  • Apply an interdisciplinary perspective to global governance, global issues, global processes, and/or global systems.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the variety of political, economic, cultural, and historical systems visible in the international arena.
  • Identify and analyze prevailing political, economic, cultural and historical doctrines and debates about the nature of the contemporary international system.

Independent Research/ Professional Practice (req) 

  • Develop practical knowledge, skills, experiences, and relationships applicable to personal and professional advancement. 

Assessment Approaches

Assessment of student learning at the program level is based on two instruments:

  1.  an essay tied to student learning outcome 1 that is administered upon completion of the international field experience or thesis, and
  2. an exit survey for graduating students.