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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Global Health Certificate

Certificate Description 

The 12 credit Graduate Certificate in Global Health aims to improve understanding of topics related to emerging global health issues such as sustainability of food and water resources, disease transmission and management, epidemics, and health care delivery in compromised settings. Global health is an interdisciplinary field that relies on a broad knowledge base to create innovative solutions to challenging health problems in resource poor settings. Students complete one required and three elective graduate courses in global health. Electives include discipline specific courses and study abroad opportunities. The program may be completed fully online depending on elective courses selected. This certificate is open to post-baccalaureate or current graduate students with an interest in global health.

 Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete certificate will be able to:

  • Compare public health polices from different countries and the impact on health outcomes. 
  • Analyze the major determinants of global public health.
  • Synthesize the individual, social and institutional factors that affect the burden of disease around the world.
  • Develop a health communication strategy to potentially minimize the global burden of disease in developing countries.