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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Elementary STEM Education Certificate

Certificate Description 

The Graduate Certificate in Elementary STEM Education is designed to meet the needs of PreK-6 teachers, who already hold a valid teaching licensure, school-based supervisors and instructional coaches, and college/university teacher educators. This program is aligned with Florida standards in each of the STEM disciplines and is designed to help improve PreK-6 student achievement. Educators who complete the certificate will learn about current theory and research in elementary STEM education and best practices for teaching STEM subjects to PreK-6 learners. The program includes five classes that highlight each of the STEM fields, as well as the role of creativity and innovation in STEM.  

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the certificate will be able to:

  • Use disciplinary-specific approaches to STEM teaching
  • Integrate project-based learning to provide opportunities for authentic growth and development
  • Foster critical thinking through problem-solving in Elementary STEM Education
  • Design opportunities for PreK-6 students to see the connection between the STEM content they are studying and the real-world application of that content
  • Develop an experiential learning pedagogy in which the application of knowledge and skills are integrated through in-context projects or problems focused on learning outcomes
  • Implement research-based practices that promote equity, access, and excellence in pre-K–6 STEM students, including underrepresented individuals, those with learning differences, and English learners