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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Educ Leadership - Athletic Administration

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the program is to provide our students with the critical athletic administration curriculum and skill sets to be competitive for leadership positions within the sport industry. Our geographic location, as well as our positive relationships in the sport industry provides optimal conditions for student success. We are committed to providing our students access to the most contemporary research, technologies, and transformational learning opportunities available. This is accomplished through the completion of a required practicum, as well as other opportunities to engage in meaningful community-based transformational learning (CBTL) initiatives. Such experiences, coupled with the knowledgeable instruction of our faculty, allow our students to differentiate themselves from students in other programs. We are committed to meeting the needs of the sport/athletic community and on the creation of meaningful practical and theoretical research which equips our students for success in a competitive industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able:

Knowledge of Literature of Discipline (req)

Students will develop the skills to critically review literature in sport management

Independent Research/ Professional Practice (req)

  • Students will engage in independent analysis of issues specific to the sport industry.
  • Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of professional practice of skills and dispositions in the sport industry.

Professional Skills (opt)

Students will demonstrate sport management content specific knowledge.

Communication (opt)

Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate both through both written and oral methods.

Assessment Approaches

Knowledge of the literature of the discipline is demonstrated by means of an annotated bibliography. Knowledge of the key concepts of the discipline is demonstrated by means of assignments in key courses. Independent learning and scholarship is demonstrated by means of the practicum project. Professional skills are demonstrated in the practicum.