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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Educational Leadership Certificate

Certificate Description 

Guided by the belief that the most important purposes of schooling are teaching and learning, the programs in educational leadership are designed to develop effective educational leaders. Students are guided in their personal development of a vision of excellence in schooling. Research-based studies of educational policy, instructional leadership, management skills, and effective schools as well as studies of successful innovations in practice characterize the programs. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the certificate will be able to:

  • Construct and implement a vision of learning based on relevant teaching and learning knowledge and theory to promote the success of all students
  • Apply organizational theory, management skills, leadership strategies, and data to transform organizations
  • Plan and conduct research and evaluation studies with a clear purpose to improve educational lives of others and based on findings make recommendations to improve future educational practices
  • Integrate ethical, legal, and professional behaviors to increase equitable educational opportunities and academic achievement for all students
  • Build relationships that ensure all key stakeholders work collaboratively and effectively together, responding to diverse community interests and needs, mobilizing community resources, and cultivating community partners to achieve transformative results
  • Use laws, policies, and leadership platforms to advocate for all students and families, and act to influence policy makers to ensure the success of all learners