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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Accounting - MACC

Program Mission Statement

Within the University of North Florida's Department of Accounting and Finance, the Master of Accountancy program is committed to providing high-quality graduate-level accounting education consistent with the mission of the Coggin College of Business. The faculty is committed to educating and developing accounting professionals through a rigorous, relevant accredited program. The faculty is devoted to student learning, engaging in scholarly activities and interacting with accounting professionals in the broader business community. The University of North Florida'sAccounting Programs are among the best in the nation in preparing students to successfully take the Uniform CPA examination. UNF students have consistently ranked high in terms of the percentage of first-time candidates without advanced degrees passing all sections of the examination.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate students will:

Knowledge of Literature of Discipline (req)

  • acquire knowledge in the major functional areas of business (accounting, economics, management, finance, marketing, and quantitative business analysis) and understand the interrelationships among them.
  • acquire knowledge in the major functional areas of accounting (General Accounting, Corporate Taxation, Accounting Theory, Accounting Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Auditing).

Professional Skills (opt)

  • utilize technology to enhance decision-making skills and improve productivity.

Communication (opt)

  • communicate effectively in both oral and written formats.

Critical Thinking (opt)

  • demonstrate the ability to think critically to identify problems and implement solutions.

Ethics (opt)

  • identify and propose alternatives to reconciling ethical issues in managerial accounting.

Prof Accreditor Specific (opt)

  • demonstrate an understanding of leadership and will demonstrate a capacity to lead in collaborative settings.

Assessment Approaches

In 2018, the Accounting faculty used a multi-step plan in developing the Assurance of Learning (AOL) plan which is outlined in this report. First, they acquired and reviewed Assurance of Learning plans of a number of Florida Accounting Programs as well as the accounting programs of several peer universities. The intent was not to mimic these plans, but rather to obtain information as to what other schools were doing in this area as we developed our AOL plan for our own unique situation. Secondly, an AOL sub-committee of the Accounting Curriculum Committee was established to oversee the development of an Assurance of Learning Plan for the Accounting Programs that would contain additional assessment of learning that is unique to the Accounting Programs. Throughout the entire process the sub-committee obtained continuous review and input from the Accounting Curriculum Committee as a whole.

In developing the Assurance of Learning Plans for the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) Program, the accounting faculty determined that the Learning Objective categories which were previously used were still appropriate. For the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) Program, the Learning Objective categories agreed to by the faculty are:
  1. Effective Communication
  2. Ethical Reasoning
  3. Business Content Knowledge
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Accounting Content Knowledge

In general, assessment will take place each spring semester and will be evaluated and reviewed in the fall term.