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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Music Technology Certificate

Certificate Description 

Open to all majors, the Music Technology Certificate prepares individuals for careers in music recording, music composition and music production using state-of-the-art music technology. Graduating with your Music Technology Certificate, you will have a clear understanding of MIDI implementation, synthesis, computer-generated notation and multimedia integration.

For students pursuing music performance, jazz studies, music education, or other non-music degrees, a Music Technology Certificate will enhance your degree and career options. Music-related software, hardware, and recording applications have become an increasingly important part of every musician’s skillset.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the certificate will be able to:

  • Explain how technology is used in the production of music.
  • Assemble, mix and master complete MIDI/Digital Audio compositions.
  • Utilize MIDI/Digital audio software and hardware including computers, controllers, synthesizers, sequencers, samplers, effects processors, microphones and mixers.
  • Produce audio recordings that demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge and skills associated with recording technology hardware and software.
  • Create computer-based music recordings that demonstrate advanced electronic music production techniques.
  • Create and manipulate real-time and sequenced digital music data (i.e., Musical Instrument Digital Interface and Open Sound Control).