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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

International Business Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Mission Statement

The International Business major prepares students for careers in the increasingly global business world through an integrated approach that includes core business courses, international business courses, foreign language, regional studies, an internship, and study abroad.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able:

Content/Discipline-Specific Knowledge/Skills

  • • Students will understand the global economy and recognize the impact of diverse socioeconomic and cultural factors on business operations.
  • Students will acquire knowledge in the major functional areas of business (accounting, economics, management, finance, marketing, and quantitative business analysis) and understand the interrelationships among them.
  • Students will demonstrate a foundational knowledge in the principles of international business.

Communication Skills

Students will communicate effectively in both oral and written formats

Critical Thinking Skills

Students will identify and reconcile ethical issues in decision making.

Assessment Approaches

The Coggin College of Business operates a college-wide strategy to assess its learning objectives. Each of the 11 programs of study (housed in 4 departments) has adopted these as its learning objectives, which link to the university's three broad learning categories. While each of these objectives is differentially emphasized in the various programs of study, they are common to the core body of knowledge provided to all students majoring in a sub-field of business. In addition, each program of study has a discipline-specific learning outcome reflecting disciplinary learning students gain in their specific field of interest. The college utilizes a multi-year time horizon to assess alternating objectives. This time horizon corresponds to the AACSB (re)accreditation cycle.

Written and oral communication are assessed by student performance during ENC3202 Professional Communication for Business, using standardized, anchored grading rubrics.