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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Conducting Certificate

Certificate Description 

The Conducting Certificate Program prepares students to be effective conductors. The program benefits those students seeking to teach music in public schools, perform, or study conducting at the graduate level by providing in-depth skill development in manual technique, rehearsal skills, score study, repertoire and programming knowledge, ear training, and error detection. The certificate program will advance progress in these areas which can increase marketability in the field for a student in a music performance or music education program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the certificate will be able to:

  • Analyze, on an advanced level, vocal and instrumental scores for the purpose of teaching and conducting an ensemble (choral and/or instrumental)
  • Execute advanced analytical and gestural conducting skill
  • Evaluate the stylistic character of a choral/instrumental musical score
  • Analyze, evaluate and improve ensemble deficiencies in pitch, rhythm, intonation, precision, and balance
  • Analyze the historical and analytical components of music in both written and oral formats