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Information Technology Services

Standard 8: Malware Prevention

Protecting UNF Infrastructure from Malware

  1. UNF's network infrastructure and other information resources must be continuously protected from threats posed by malware.
  2. All computing devices owned, leased, or under the control of UNF must, to the extent technology permits, execute and keep up to date all required protection software and adhere to any other protective measures as required by applicable policies and procedures.
  3. Any personally owned computing device that contains confidential University data must be configured to comply with required University security controls while holding such data.
  4. Any system identified as a security risk due to a lack of sufficient protection may be disconnected from the network or the respective network account may be disabled until adequate protection is in place.
  5. Personal malware prevention tools are available for free.
  6. Exceptions to these standards must be approved and documented by the Chief Information Security Officer.