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Information Technology Services

Standard 7: Change Management

  1. The university's infrastructure is constantly changing and evolving to support the mission of the university. Computer networks, systems, and applications require planned outages for upgrades, maintenance, and fine-tuning.
  2. UNF ITS has a defined maintenance window every Sunday morning from 5 AM - 9 AM in which normal maintenance occurs.
  3. All changes to technology are to be tracked in the UNF ITS ticketing system. Changes should use change templates where applicable to ensure all UNF parties are at least aware of changes. Examples include: Changes to group policy or client computer settings, changes to AD groups, changes to networks, changes to firewall rules, server decommissioning, employee termination, etc.
  4. Significant changes to systems are to be documented in the UNF ITS Change Management system. Significant changes include but are not limited to changes that: are not routine, could impact dependent services or systems managed by other teams, or impact large user audiences such as all students or employees.
    1. All changes should be added to the system at least 1 week before the scheduled change.
    2. ITS management should review the changes at least weekly and document their review of the change.
    3. Any outstanding questions should be resolved before moving forward with the change.