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Information Technology Services

General Purpose Computer Lab Access and Use


To establish policies and procedures relating to access to the general purpose, open access computer laboratories managed by Information Technology Services.


The general purpose computer laboratories managed by Information Technology Services are for the exclusive use of faculty (including part time faculty), currently admitted or enrolled students, and staff (including OPS employees) of the University of North Florida.

Exceptions to accommodate individuals not included in these groups shall be handled on a case by case basis by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), subject to membership fees set annually by the CIO in consultation with the University Technology Committee.

In all of the special cases defined above, an access card will be created by the University ID Card Office in return for the fee payments described.

Use of the labs is restricted to scholarly activities related to student instruction and research and faculty research and service, and to other activities directly related to the mission of the University.

Use of the facilities for any other purpose, without review and approval by the CIO, is strictly prohibited.