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Information Technology Services

Currency: Network Infrastructure and Server


To define the guidelines and procedures related to maintaining central site networking equipment, central site servers, and remote closet networking equipment. This "currency" will help ensure that all faculty, staff and students have acceptable access to campus network services.



Currency refers to the systematic replacement of older networking equipment and servers that are the core of the campus network but are a) not adequate to provide access to all services available on the campus network or b) not adequate to support advanced needs of specific faculty, staff, or students.


The University Technology Committee will review currency thresholds (i.e., level of technology or other criteria at which a network device is eligible for replacement) on an annual basis. The committee will recommend adoption of new or modified thresholds. Thresholds will be published as appendices to this guideline.



On an annual basis, Information Technology Services (ITS) , in consultation with the University Technology Committee, will consider University funds made available for currency and will develop a schedule of networking and server equipment to be deployed in another way or taken out of service and replaced with currency equipment. This schedule will be based on a formula that will be derived annually and approved by the University Technology Committee.