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Office of Institutional Research

UNF Enrollment Dashboard

The UNF Enrollment Dashboard is based on state reported enrollment data. The University recognizes that there are many dimensions of diversity. The definitions of gender and race/ethnicity in the dashboard below are determined by federal reporting agencies. 

Use the buttons in the top-right corner of the dashboard to navigate to the different report pages within the dashboard. To view in full-screen click on the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard. To open an ADA accessible version of the dashboard in a new window use the following link: UNF Enrollment Dashboard. Keyboard navigation guidance is available below, under the embedded dashboard. 

Keyboard Navigation Guidance

Use the tab key to navigate the dashboard. To interact with a visualization, press the enter key; once inside the visualization, use the arrow keys to move to the different segments of the visualization and click enter to hear additional information about the visualization element. To stop interacting with a visualization or part of a visualization, press the escape key. For an accessible table version of a visualization, press Alt + Shift + F11 at the same time to switch to a table view.