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Office of Institutional Research

Data Classification Initiative

The co-chairs of the Data Management Working Group work with ITS Security, Data Stewards, and functional subject area experts to classify all definitions documented in the Data Cookbook within the three data classification categories as outlined in UNF's Data Classification and Security Policy.

Public Data

Public data is information that may or must be open to the general public. It is defined as information with no existing local, national or international legal restrictions on access or usage. Public data, while subject to University disclosure rules, is available to all members of the University community and to all individuals and entities external to the University community.

Internal Use Data

Internal Use Data is information that must be guarded due to proprietary, ethical, or privacy considerations, and must be protected from unauthorized access, modification, transmission, storage or other use. This classification applies even though there may not be a civil statute requiring this protection. Internal Use Data is information that is restricted to members of the University community who have a legitimate purpose for accessing such data.

Restricted Data

Restricted Data is information protected by statutes, regulations, University policies or contractual language.

Restricted Data may be disclosed to individuals on a need-to-know basis only. Disclosure to parties outside the University should be authorized by the General Counsel's Office.

Please note, for the purposes of assigning the Restricted data classification category, for definitions pertaining to academic records and financial aid, the data classification code is applied under the assumption the data field is associated with a student's educational record. All FERPA protected data are Restricted


Data Cookbook

UNF's Data Classification and Security policy

UNF's Classification Codes with the Data Cookbook

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