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Financial Aid Disbursements

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When financial aid is disbursed to your account, the Student Financial Services Office will process the refund and remit the funds to the bank account authorized by you (via My UNF Bill). The University encourages all students to enroll in direct deposit. Please check the myWings web portal to determine if the financial aid disbursement has been credited to your account. Please note that the date on myWings is the date the disbursement is credited to your account and not the date that the refund will be processed.

Students who meet the following criteria will automatically have refunds posted to their account:

  1. Have a credit balance for the term
  2. Have no other balances due the University
  3. Have enrolled in direct deposit

Your financial aid disbursement refund will be processed after deducting tuition and fees (institutional charges) and other charges such as books and housing (if applicable). If you want your financial aid to pay non-allowable charges, you must complete a Financial Aid Authorization Form on myWings (student tab/student self service/online forms). Your refund will be delayed if you have miscellaneous charges and have not completed the Financial Aid Authorization form. Refunds are processed twice weekly and deposited via EFT directly into your bank account. The University encourages all students to enroll in direct deposit (eRefunds). Students enroll online by submitting their routing and account numbers in the eRefunds section in "My Bill".

Certain fees cannot be paid with federal financial aid (repeat surcharge, excess hours, late fees and fines) per federal regulations even if you've signed an authorization.  As such, students may receive a refund, but still have a balance due, receive a late fee and be on hold.

If you owe tuition and fees for a prior term it may not be deducted from your financial aid and you will be responsible for payment of the prior balance due. You will not receive a refund for the current term until the prior term debt is paid in full. This will place a financial hold on your account and, according to University policy, you will not be able to register for subsequent semesters until your account balance is paid in full. Holds are not released immediately and you should allow two business days for the hold to be released.

Please remember: If you have been chosen for verification by the federal government, your financial aid will not be disbursed until you have submitted all required documentation and the Financial Aid Office has verified the information as being correct.

To ensure you will receive a financial aid disbursement, please check your myWings account to ensure you have accepted or declined all of your aid and outstanding requirements have been satisfied. Tuition, fees, books and housing expenses will be deducted from the first available aid or payment source.

Please refer to Financial Aid's website for more financial aid information or you may contact One-Stop Student Services by phone at (904) 620-5555.

For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact us.