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College of Education and Human Services

Gladys Roddenberry Graduate Fellowship for Teaching Excellence Recipients

Gilchrist Berg, founder and president of a Jacksonville investment company, named five UNF graduate scholarships to honor Gladys Roddenberry, his 6th grade teacher. He also established The Gladys Prior Awards for Career Teaching Excellence, among the largest monetary awards for teachers in the nation, to honor his 4th grade teacher at Ortega Elementary School, Gladys Prior.

"Teachers are one of our most important assets. We simply don't do enough to remind ourselves of their great influence on us every day of our life. Maybe in some small way, these awards will cause others to reflect on the great contributions teachers have made to their lives and the life of their families."  Gilchrist Berg

  • 2006-2022
    • 2022: Troy Cole, Meagan Lasoff, Christianna Jones, Jessica Naughton, and Michelle Rouse (Outstanding Fellow)
    • 2021: Carolyn Jefferies, Allison Staves, Victoria Grear, Michelle Modaff and Jessica Gomez
    • 2020: Allison Staves, Miriam Williams, Cristyn Gaynor, Teara Johnson, and Analysse Gammon
    • 2019: Caitlyn Stetson, Dylan Shanteau, Kimberly Cobb, Brianna Cousins (Outstanding Fellow), and Adrienne Austin
    • 2018: Latrece Brown, Jasmine Granger, Rodina Hughes, Kiara Martin, and Corinne Weller
    • 2017: Kyle Altier, Andrea Barletta, Caran Mullins, Jillian Shellard, and Reeyan Staine
    • 2016: Abraham Reising, Emily Bradford, Brianna Gainer, Meagan Martinez, and Tarsha Watson
    • 2015: Jaime Johnson, Mary Claire Hopkins, Taylor Josserand, Lori Levin, and Bryan Susman
    • 2014: Ashley Payanis, Artrice Johnson, Jennifer McCormick, Joshua Nelson, and Tytianna Reid
    • 2013: Crishana Benton, Kristen Ballentine, Sabrina Concepcion, Tamara Gibson, and Dora Underwood
    • 2012: Stephanie C. Cugini, Erica D. Dobson, Katheryne Heller, Marla Hollan, Kelli Rennert, and Kristin A. Schad
    • 2011: Jonathan K. Greene, Laura A. Hyde, Amy L. Smith, Cicely J. Tyson, and Kristin V. Shannon
    • 2010: Latoya Bell, Rebecca Emert, Cassandra Fisher, Jennifer Grimes, and Jonathan Hinke
    • 2009: Theresa M. Cardillo, Marisa L. Guerrero, John Jordi, Alice B. Larson, and Adrienne C. Wakefield
    • 2008: Keonnia Adair-Summers, Apryl Pelkey-Kokocki, Victoria Felix, Rose-Marie Green-Hanson, and Shannon Rose-Hamann
    • 2007: Kristen Geiger, Stephanie Edinger, Joshua Freeman, Melissa Herrera, and Jerry Hulshult
    • 2006: Timothy Kenney, Karen Van Dyke Anthes, La’Sha Carter, Cheryl Fink, and Zachary Champagne