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College of Education and Human Services

COEHS Scholarship FAQs

  • If I am awarded a scholarship or fellowship, how will I receive the funds?
    The funds will be applied to the recipient's UNF account at the beginning of each semester. If this is not the case, the recipient will be notified of alternative arrangements.
  • Can a scholarship or fellowship be renewed?
    Yes, however, each award varies in the maximum semesters allowed.You will get this information when you receive a scholarship/fellowship contract.
  • Can a scholarship or fellowship be revoked?

    If at any time there is a change in the student's status so that the student no longer meets the specific scholarship/fellowship criteria, then the award may be revoked. This could include but is not limited to GPA requirements, full-time vs. part-time status, etc.

    Additionally, students must attend the annual awards reception as a condition of receiving the scholarship or fellowship.