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Center for Instruction and Research Technology

Honorlock - Information for Students

Honorlock is the online proctoring service adopted for use with Distance Learning courses. Honorlock provides services similar to what a student would experience when visiting a testing center, with ID verification and monitoring and recording of the testing environment, including a room scan of the surrounding exam environment. 

System Requirements

  • A laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet), webcam, and microphone
  • A stable and reliable internet connection
  • Chrome is the only compatible browser (make sure third-party cookies are enabled)
  • Students need to install the Honorlock extension
  • Mac users should refer to the Student FAQs for additional system preferences that may need to be adjusted for webcams

Student Resources 

How to Access/Use Honorlock

The online testing environment should mimic the “in-class” testing environment. Refer to the Honorlock Standard Exam Guidelines for detailed exam rules. Your instructor may have additional rules for their exams, so pay attention to any directions they provide.

Step 1

Using Chrome, log into Canvas, navigate to your course, and click the 'Honorlock' link in the course navigation menu.

Step 2

Select 'Launch' next to the name of the test you wish to take, then click the green 'Launch Proctoring' button.

Step 3

Follow the prompts to complete the ID verification and room scan. Acceptable forms of identification include government or school-issued ID cards.

Step 4

Complete your test. Honorlock Proctoring will automatically terminate once the test is submitted.

Getting Support

Honorlock Privacy

Honorlock uses a Chrome extension and records the webcam and screen activity during the exam period. Honorlock’s privacy statement addresses how the use of the Chrome extension helps to protect student data and how they address other privacy issues. UNF’s contract with Honorlock includes protection for students’ personal information. Any data provided to or collected by Honorlock during a proctoring session is subject to the protections of FERPA and may only be used by Honorlock for the purpose of providing the proctoring services. Recorded proctoring sessions are deleted after the time for grade appeal has passed.