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Career Discoveries

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The Career Discoveries Center in Career Services is targeted to all first-year, exploratory, or students at any level, to help you choose or confirm the best-fit major, explore and connect with suitable career options, and develop and implement a career action plan.

Choose a Major/Minor

Still figuring out what you want to do when you grow up? You are not alone. Learn decision making tips, resources, and strategies supporting academic and career success.

Change Major/Minor

If you are second guessing your current choice, start a conversation designed to help determine your best fit major/minor.

Explore Career Options

Unsure of what you can do with your major? Concerned about finding a job after graduation? Identify your career options and learn about job market data and trends (tasks, salary, projected employment, and more).

Career Assessments

Learn more about yourself and identify suitable majors and careers to make smart, informed decisions.

Professional Development & Workplace Skills

Learn about career resources, programs, and events to develop and utilize the skills employers seek, including OspreyPro and OCI15.

Career Connections

Learn professional etiquette and connect with professionals in various industries to gain information and insight regarding your career interests.

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