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Career Services

Career Peer Program

Career Peers specializes in providing students with professional career services to help all majors find and acquire great internships, work experience, and full-time jobs. Hand-selected as UNF’s most successful undergraduate and graduate students, each Peer has completed at least one internship/work experience in their field and desire to share their career experiences with you. 
Interested in becoming a Career Peer?

Career Peer Services

All Career Peers undergo over 25 hours of intensive career training throughout the year, so come prepared expecting exceptional service and guidance. These part-time employees are well positioned to help you acquire great internships and full-time positions. The Peers specialize in the following areas of service:

  • Internship & full-time jobs acquisition strategies
  • Resume & cover letter creation and updates
  • Handshake & LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Career Fair preparations
  • Elevator pitches customized for recruiters and corporate engagement
  • Mock interviewing

Setup a Meeting with a Peer of Your Choice

Congratulations! As a UNF student, you have made a great choice alongside top students to take your next professional steps. Figured out how to update your resume? Ready to find a paid internship or work experience to prepare for life post-college? Set up a time now to connect with your preferred Peer. Directly email your preferred Peer, email, or use the options below to set up an appointment. What is the easiest way to schedule a meeting for your busy schedule?

Take Flight - Find Your Career Peer

Finding professional guidance has never been easier for students. Are you ready? Your Peer is available this week to meet 1:1. Did you know most of our appointments are with students a Career Peer has never met? Step out, our Peers are trained to work with students from any major, or you can choose a Peer-based on their specialty areas. Professionally trained, immediately available; which Career Peer will help you take flight with your next career steps?

Meet the Career Peers

Alexis TerKonda Headshot

Alexis TerKonda
Senior, Marketing
Experience: The Adecco Group
Office Hours: Mon. & Thurs. 3 – 5:30pm

Grace Coulter Headshot

Grace Coulter
Senior, Business Management
Experience: Drawchange
Office Hours: Tues. & Wed. 3 – 5:30pm


Stand Out. Leave a Legacy. Get Paid!

Are you ready to inspire, encourage, and motivate younger students? Do you have a passion to help others and a desire to learn how to equip others with the career tools necessary to locate and acquire great internships? Are you up for receiving paid extensive career and leadership training for your own personal development?

If so, you are the type of student leader the Career Peer Program is looking to hire.


  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate/graduate student
  • Carry an overall 3.0 UNF GPA (minimum)
  • Have one of the following work experiences:
    • Held a significant on-campus leadership position
    • Completed (or in progress to complete) an internship
    • Other relevant work experience