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Our Campus, Our Health engages students and an interdisciplinary team of faculty in the implementation of a college health survey that examines emerging health behavior trends. Faculty serve as content experts for the study and work with students to develop research questions, conduct analyses, and disseminate findings through peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national conferences.

This transformational learning opportunity teaches basic research methodology to grow the next generation of scholars. The initiative has been supported by internal funding aimed at broadening students’ intellectual experience and positively supporting their personal and professional growth.


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Undergrads Complete Campus-wide Student Health Assessment

The web-based health behavior assessment is adapted from the Centers for Disease Control Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. The IRB approved survey is delivered every two years in the fall semester after pilot testing, cognitive interviewing, and review from a panel of content experts.

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Interested in Volunteering?

We welcome undergraduate and graduate volunteer students who would like to gain research experience:

  •  Developing and disseminating social media and print materials 
  • Assisting lead faculty with literature reviews and manuscript preparation 
  • Developing and implementing educational interventions 
  • Presenting findings at UNF student research conferences and national conferences (dependent on available funding) 
Students are invited to apply for the research team by contacting Dr. Merten at Please attached a copy of your resume and include the following information in the body of your email: your current program/major, future plans, why you want research experience, how many hours per week you can devote to the project, and which faculty member you would like to work with (optional).

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View the selected publications by our OCOH Faculty.



Our Campus, Our Health is led by Julie Merten, Ph.D in the Department of Public Health along with Robert Zeglin, Ph.D, NCC, CST, LMHC Kassie Terrell, Ph.D, LMHC, NCCHanadi Hamadi, Ph.D in the Department of Health Administration, Brittany Nettles, NP, APRN, FNP-BC, in the School of Nursing, and Kristen Hicks-Roof Ph.D., RDN, LDN, CLC, FAND in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.