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Brooks College of Health

Bachelor of Science in Health, Public Health (BSH-PH)

The Department of Public Health offers a Bachelor of Science in Health (BSH) with a Public Health (PH) concentration. The mission of University of North Florida (UNF) Public Health Programs is to prepare public health professionals to improve the health and well-being of communities. This mission is accomplished through excellence and innovation in teaching and public health research with a commitment to diversity, community involvement, and professional service. The Public Health program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level public health positions, Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) certification, and graduate studies.

The BSH-PH program is nationally accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) and the curriculum is aligned with the CEPH required foundational domains and competencies, and crosscutting concepts and experiences. The program is also aligned with the eight competencies delineated by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing and focuses on assessing community needs and planning, implementing, and evaluating health programs designed to improve the health and lifestyle of all people guided by research findings and theories of health behavior. Students will select elective courses focused on nationally identified priority health issues and global health issues. Public Health programs take place in a variety of settings that include government and non-profit health agencies, hospitals, work sites, and schools. Public Health educators are employed with a range of job titles such as health educators, wellness coordinators, health coaches, health promotion professionals, health communication specialists, patient educators, community organizers, grant writers, research scientists, epidemiologists, and health program managers.

Program of Study

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  • Course Descriptions
    For course descriptions please view the UNF Course Catalog.
  • Honors in the Major

    Honors in Health Science: Outstanding undergraduate BSH majors with a concentration in public health have the opportunity to graduate with an "Honors in Health Science” designation.

    Candidates must:

    • have a junior or senior standing in the BSH major, public health concentration
    • have an upper-level GPA at UNF of 3.5 or higher and an overall GPA at UNF of 3.0 or higher
    • apply at least two semesters prior to graduation. 

    Program acceptance allows students who are not already in the Hicks Honors College an opportunity and strong qualification to join the College, which is an additional honor and benefit.. Program completion results in a notation on the student’s transcript and strengthens their resume.

    Apply: Submit an application. The application includes the required criteria listed above and the selection of two options for the Honors in Health Science Plan. Applications are accepted anytime time but are only reviewed twice per year: 

    • October 1 and March 1 by 11:59 p.m.

    Honors in Health Science Plan: Students must choose and complete two options of advanced study in Public Health.

    • Take one graduate elective course in place of an undergraduate major or free elective. A grade of B+ or higher must be earned. Examples of graduate electives are typically available annually: PHC6010 Introduction to Clinical Trials, HSC6601 Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies in Healthcare, HSC6625 Global Health, HSC6138 Sexual & Reproductive Health Promotion, HSC6165 Global Sexuality, HSC6675 Global Health: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and more. *Note: Students may not take a cross-listed graduate-level course that they already completed at the undergraduate level. Students will be charged the graduate tuition rate.
    • Complete a 3-credit directed Independent Study in Public Health with a faculty member in the Department of Public Health. (Requires approval from the faculty member.)
    • Complete a study abroad course through the Department of Public Health or with a focus in public health.
    • Be an active member of the UNF Chapter of the National Health Education Honorary, Eta Sigma Gamma. (Active membership status involves specific participation requirements.)
    • Or propose another option with the approval of the Honors in Health Science Coordinator. (Professor Stephanie Hooper:

    If you have questions, please contact BCH Advising

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  • Program Policies
    1. For full-time students, the program is at least three semesters once the student has enrolled in the HSC 3032 Foundations of Public Health course. All prerequisite courses must be completed before a student can enroll in HSC 3032. Because of the high demand in Public Health, there is usually a waitlist for courses.

      Suggestions for students:

      • Meet with BCH advising early and often.
      • Complete all program prerequisites early.
      • Always register for courses as soon as your time ticket allows.
      • Take HSC 4730 Public Health Research in the same semester (or before) as you take HSC 3032. 
    2. The Public Health program requires a 300-hour internship (HSC 4814) to be completed during the student's last semester of enrollment prior to graduation and serves as an opportunity for the student to put into action the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired during the degree program.
      • A pre-internship course (HSC 4800 Professional Preparation) must be completed the semester prior to the internship (HSC 4814 Public Health Practical Experience).
      • All course requirements must be completed prior to internship. Only elective courses (up to two) may be completed with the internship experience (HSC 4814 Public Health Practical Experience).
      • Students will be required to have a University-sanctioned level II background check prior to enrolling in internship (HSC 4814 Public Health Practical Experience). This program follows the College's policy on background checks. *Students are expected to follow UNF's Student Code of Conduct and specifically self disclosure of 23. Violation of Criminal Law. 
    3. All prerequisites, requisites, core courses, major, minor, and major/free elective courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
    4. Students are allowed a maximum of one unsuccessful attempt (grade of D or F) on any requisite, core, major, or minor course in the Public Health program. If a student receives a grade of D or F on a second course or second attempt at the same course, the student will be dismissed from the Public Health Program and not readmitted. *Incomplete grades that are not completed by the deadline will also be considered a failing grade.
    5. A student will be denied admission or re-admission to the Public Health Program if the student is on either probation or suspension or has left the university on either probation or suspension.
    6. Public Health students are required to complete all major requirements (HSC 3032, 3713, 4800, and 4814) at UNF. Students will not be given credits toward the major for these courses if they are taken at another institution.

Contact the Program Director 

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Katryne Lukens Bull 

BSH-Public Health Program Director