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Welcome Center

Meet the Swoopers!


The Welcome Center offers 20+ tours a week ranging from general, virtual, large groups, VIPs, event tours and more. Year-round, rain or shine, it is the pleasure of the Swoop Squad to show prospective students and their families how the University of North Florida will help them as they pursue their future career aspirations! 


Join the Squad

If you are interested in in a part-time, paid position as a University of North Florida ambassador (tour guide), please complete the following application. Our hiring cycle begins in August, but you can apply as early as today! This is a position that can last a minimum of 3 semesters and as long as you are a student at UNF. We have flexible scheduling. The number of hours you work is up to your discretion up to 25 hours per week. 

The Swoop Squad


Headshot of Swooper Faith 

"The Swoop Squad has helped me break out of my shell and be more confident when talking to large groups of people. I enjoy informing prospective students about the university and sharing personal experiences that make me love UNF! I’ve met amazing guests and coworkers through the Swoop Squad. It’s also given me great knowledge of the campus that I have been able to use for the past four years! #liveloveswoop"



"UNF has given me the opportunity to flourish, thrive, and excel at all levels of my college career. Being a member of the Swoop Squad allows me to meet prospective students every day and really shape their decision to say yes to the University of North Florida. Additionally, I've gotten to meet some of my closest friends who I now call my family! #Swoop"


Headshot of Swooper Catherine 

“Being a part of Swoop Squad has been such an unbelievable experience. Sharing information about the university, my personal experiences, and why I love UNF brings happiness not only to me but also to prospective students. Knowing I can influence an individual to become a student here at UNF is a remarkable and rewarding feeling. Also, Swoop Squad has allowed me to meet such a fantastic group of people that I now call my friends!”


Headshot of Swooper Mac 

“Swoop Squad has not only allowed me to improve my communication skills, but allowed me to work while doing what I love: getting to know people! The main reason I chose UNF was my amazing tour that I had, and I wanted to be able to give others the same experience. I love getting to know more about the school through the Swoop Squad, and meeting amazing friends along the way.”


Headshot of Swooper Jace 

"I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Swoop Squad. Being a tour guide has helped me become heavily involved on campus and a far more open person in general. UNF offers students countless opportunities to grow their careers, connections, and themselves. It is a pleasure to convey these opportunities to others interested in UNF."


Headshot of Swooper Aidan

“I initially decided to become a tour guide as a way to learn my way around campus and acclimate to Jacksonville. I never expected this job to change my outlook in such a significant way. This job has allowed me to build some incredible friendships. Getting to be a part of the college decision making process of prospective students, however small my role, is incredibly rewarding. Being able to provide some of the insight and guidance I cherished when I went through my own process is something I’ll never take for granted. #swooper4L”


Headshot of Swooper Rachel

"Swoop Squad has been more than just a job to me, it is something I love to do and am proud to be a part of! It is so rewarding to share my love of UNF with prospective students and see them get excited for the next chapter in their life! Plus, I work with the best group of people who make it so fun!"


Headshot of Swooper Izaiah
"Being a part of Swoop Squad has impacted my life so much. It got me to share the reason why I call UNF my home with other potential students. Being a tour guide has not only helped me professionally, but personally too. UNF continues to surprise me with all of its opportunities they offer each and every day. Plus, being a Swooper got me to meet an incredible group of people that I call friends and family!"


Headshot of Swooper Skylar

"During my UNF tour as a prospective student , I never thought I would eventually go from the listener to the speaker. However, now as a member of the Swoop Squad, I have entered into an exciting community where I have met such amazing people. In my position, not only do I get to learn more about our gorgeous university, but I also get to share this knowledge with the future of our school! So much fun!"


Headshot of Swooper Sofia

“The Swoop Squad has really shaped who I am today and has helped me come out of my shell. It makes me happy being able to share all the reason I love UNF the same way someone once shared with me. Being a tour guide has allowed me to make really awesome friends that I can call family.  I never thought I would be a speaker for the school but it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”