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Withdrawals and Financial Aid

Return of Title IV (Federal) Aid

UNF must comply with federal regulations for students who receive Federal Financial Aid and withdraw (either officially or unofficially) from ALL classes before completing more than 60% of the term. According to federal regulations, students in these situations will have a percentage of their Title IV funds returned. UNF will calculate any amounts disbursed that must be returned to the Title IV programs.

Complete Withdrawals

A complete withdrawal occurs when a student officially notifies UNF that they are withdrawing from all of their courses in a term or from the University completely.

Unofficial Withdrawals

An unofficial withdrawal occurs when a student stops attending all of the courses in a term without officially withdrawing/notifying UNF or if a student receives a combination of all "F"s, "W"s (withdrawals) and/or "I"s (incompletes) at the completion of the term.

  • If a student stops attending without officially withdrawing, the last documented date of attendance will be the withdrawal date.
  • If all grades are a combination of "F", "W" (withdrawal) and/or "I" (incomplete) the student's professors will be asked to report the last date of attendance. Based on this information, students may be required to repay the "unearned" portion of their federal aid.
  • If a student's grades were all "F"s or "I"s and the student never attended, the student will be required to pay back the full amount of federal aid disbursed.
  • A student who does not attend any of their courses in a term is not eligible for federal aid for the term in question.


  • If it is determined that a student has received excess funds, any "unearned" portion will be returned to the United States Department of Education, resulting in a balance owed to UNF for the amount of those excess funds.
  • This amount will be placed on accounts receivable, prohibiting any registration activity and/or the receipt of academic transcripts or diplomas until these funds are repaid.
  • If these funds are not repaid, UNF will turn the charge over to a collection agency.

How is the amount calculated?

Federal regulations require use of a formula based on the number of calendar days in the term and the number of days attended by the student prior to withdrawal. For students enrolled in parts-of-term, UNF does not use a Return of Title IV freeze date to determine the number of calendar days in the term. This formula determines how much financial aid was "earned" by the student. The difference between aid disbursed and aid earned is used to calculate the amount the student must repay.

  1. Step 1: Determine the percentage of the enrollment period the student attended prior to withdrawing (days attended divided by total days in the period).
  2. Step 2: Determine the amount of Title IV aid earned by multiplying the total Title IV aid (other than Federal Work-Study) for which the student qualified by the percentage of time enrolled.
  3. Step 3: Compare the amount earned to the amount disbursed. If more aid was disbursed than was earned, determine the amount of Title IV aid that must be returned by subtracting the earned amount from the disbursed amount.
  4. Step 4: The school and the student may both have a responsibility for returning funds. Funds that are not the responsibility of the school to return must be returned by the student. The school must return the lesser of:
    • The amount of Title IV funds that the student does not earn


    • The amount of institutional charges that the student incurred for the payment period or period of enrollment multiplied by the percentage of funds that was not earned.
  5. Step 5: Distribute the unearned funds back to the appropriate Title IV program.