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Environmental Health and Safety
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Plant Pathogen Informational Form

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Division of Plant Industry

(This form must accompany “Application to Move Live Plant Pests into Florida-PPQ Form 526”)

  1. State purpose and justification for request. Indicate why indigenous pathogens would not serve purpose of investigation.
  2. List all personnel who would be involved with project. 
  3. Indicate location of work and briefly describe test facility and equipment (special if applicable) to be used.
  4. Time required for completion of project.
  5. Briefly describe research methods to be used during investigation.
  6. Indicate sanitation procedures to be used to contain pathogen in testing area and security procedures to be used to prohibit unauthorized personnel from entering investigation area.
  7. List procedures to be used at conclusion of tests to (a) destroy pathogen, host plants and vectors, and (b) to clean the testing facility.