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Environmental Health and Safety
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Registration of Experiments

Projects that require registration with EH&S.

 A. Bio-agents:

  1. Human, animal, or plant pathogens that are BL 2 and above. (See Section V.) Agents that are regulated by government agencies (USDA/APHIS, DPI, etc.). Unknown human and/or animal pathogens (considered BL 2 until identified). These include bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasmas, parasites, infected animals and/or tissues. 
  2. Cell cultures: 
    1. All cells that have been immortalized with EBV or a retrovirus, 
    2. All tumorigenic primate and human cell lines, 
    3. All primary human tumor lines.

B. Recombinant DNA projects:

  1. All recombinant DNA projects including the growth of bacteria for probe (plasmid or phage preparation). Projects must be registered regardless of where the material came from or who originally constructed it.
  2. The use of transgenic animals and plants, regardless of where the materials came from or who originally constructed/ regenerated them. 

C. Acute toxins:

The use and storage of chemicals with a mammalian LD5O of < 100 g/kg.