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Environmental Health and Safety

Food Regulations

All food service on the campus of the University of North Florida is regulated by the Florida Department of Health in Duval County. Food service includes all sale and distribution of food and food products on campus. Food service will fall into one of three general categories 1) Established on campus food vendors, 2) Licensed and registered food vendors from off campus, 3) Homemade foods.

Established on Campus Food Vendors

UNF currently has two vendors with food service licenses on our campus. Chartwell's and Mayes Food Services. These vendors may serve a wide variety of foods including those that are classified as potentially hazardous by the Department of Health.

Licensed and Registered Food Vendors (Off Campus)

List of Registered Food Vendors

These are local vendors that offer pickup or delivery services of the food that they prepare. UNF requires that all food purchased for events be from a registered approved source. Approved sources are all food vendors with a valid food service license issued by a Florida regulatory agency. 

To be registered a vendor must:


  1. Submit a copy of their food service license
    1. Photo copy image of DBPR license
  2. Submit evidence of liability insurance to the EHS office
    1. Photo copy image Sample of certificate of liability form
  3. Mobile Food vendors must also provide evidence of Automobile Liability Insurance. 


Documents may be faxed to 904-620-2025 (coversheet not required) or sent via email attachment to Environmental Health and Safety

A list of registered food vendors can be found at the link above. If an off campus vendor wishes to serve a hot buffet utilizing chaffing dishes or similar equipment, UNF must be named additional insured by written endorsement on the vendor's liability insurance. Endorsed insurance policies must meet the minimum standards and be endorsed in accordance with the UNF Standard.


Homemade Foods & Temporary Food Event Permits

Homemade foods are divided by who will be consuming the food and what types of food are being sold or consumed. Foods that are being served to an invited group such as an office party, or members only club meeting may be home made with no restriction on what types of food may be served. Food being sold for a bake sale, or served at an open club meeting, or distributed at no charge for advertisement or recruiting purposes must comply with the Florida Cottage Food Act or obtain a Temporary Event Permit from the Florida Department of Health in Duval County.  The Cottage Industry Foods act permits homemade foods primarily baked goods, and confections. Details are available from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or their guidance sheet. All foods that do not fit within the Cottage Industry Foods act may be required to obtain a Temporary Food Event Permit. Permit costs are determined by the Department of Health and will be the responsibility of the hosting organization ($150 for most events). The application for the permit and associated regulations can be obtained by contacting Florida Department of Health in Duval County via e-mail Andreina Hollis and Bill Nowlin or calling 904-253-1280. Events at the Student Union should submit the application to the reservations desk, all other events should email the completed application to Andreina Hollis and Environmental Health and Safety