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Environmental Health and Safety

Alcohol Guidelines

Per the Alcoholic Beverage Event Procedures, certain events involving alcohol must utilize the Alcoholic Beverage Approval Form. Once complete, clients will email the form to the Event Coordinator handling their event. Please allow two (2) weeks for processing of this form.

Alcoholic Beverage Approval Form


The purpose of these guidelines is to promote the interest of health and safety in implementing the requirements of the University’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy 14.0060P. These guidelines apply to the selling, serving, and consumption of alcohol on UNF’s campus or at University sponsored events off campus.



  1. Alcohol is prohibited on campus unless in a location permitted by these guidelines or through the special approval processes outlined below. 

  2. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold to, served to, possessed, or consumed by persons under 21 years of age.

  3. Alcohol may not be sold, served, or consumed at any event designed to recruit students.

  4. The sale, possession, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, without further authorization, is restricted to the following locations: 

    1. Boathouse
    2. Harmon Stadium
    3. Hodges Stadium
    4. Softball Complex
    5. Tennis Complex
    6. The Cooper Beach Volleyball Complex
    7. UNF Arena
    8. Parking lots 5, 18, and 34. Limited to tailgating as part of an Athletics event. Additional requirements for tailgating are provided below
    9. Golf Complex at the Hayt Learning Center
    10. Museum of Contemporary Art
    11. Residence Halls determined by the current University of North Florida Housing and Residence Life Resident Handbook.
  5. Events involving alcohol at the following locations are subject to approval via the facilities use agreement reservation and approval process. 

    1. Student Union Ballrooms and other Student Union rooms
    2. Fine Arts Center – except classroom
    3. Adam Herbert University Center
    4. Talon Room
    5. Osprey Commons
    6. Field House
  6. Alcohol is prohibited on-campus except where consistent with these guidelines. Exceptions may be made at the sole discretion and approval of the appropriate Vice President and must utilize the Alcohol Beverage Approval Form.

  7. Alcohol may be served at Informal events hosted exclusively for University employees in non-classroom space, such as holiday, end of semester, or other social gatherings if approved in advance by the appropriate departmental supervisor.  Approval must be made using the Alcoholic Beverage Form a copy of which must be sent to The Department of Environmental, Health, and Safety before the event. Such events must follow all other Alcohol Guidelines.  

  8. Whenever a reduced-price alcoholic beverage promotional event is held (or there is a period during which the prices of alcoholic beverages are reduced) prices of non-alcoholic beverages at the event shall have a comparable reduction in price during that time period. No alcohol may be sold in a manner that promotes excessive or rapid consumption. Examples include, but are not limited to, selling, or serving on an “all you can drink” basis, selling multiple alcoholic beverages for the price of a single alcoholic beverage, and promoting free or discounted alcoholic beverages for a certain segment of the population, drinking games or activities that encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol.

  9. Promoting free or discounted alcoholic beverages for a certain segment of the population is prohibited.
  10. At events involving alcohol, food and/or nonalcoholic beverages must be available and featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages.


  1. Tailgating may only take place in parking lots 5, 18, and 34.
  2. Only persons of legal age are permitted to possess and consume alcohol in the tailgating area.
  3. The tailgating may start no sooner than four (4) hours prior to the athletic event and must conclude no later than the start of the athletic event.
  4. The following are not permitted during tailgating:
    1. Glass bottles or containers, beer kegs, party balls, multi-quart containers of beer and drinking paraphernalia (e.g., funnels, beer bongs, ice luges, etc).
    2. Drinking games or activities that encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol.
    3. Structures of any kind, with the exception of pop-up tents or canopies, which must be secured and cannot obstruct sidewalks or roadways.
    4. Bonfires, fire pits, or fire bowls.
  5. Gas or charcoal grills are permitted and must be removed at the end of the athletic event. Portable fire extinguishers are strongly recommended. Charcoal, ashes, lighter fluid, and propane tanks cannot be left on campus property or thrown in the trash receptacles.
  6. The University reserves the right to deny access to the tailgating event or remove individuals from the tailgating event who exhibit behaviors consistent with alcohol intoxication, or who behave in any manner inconsistent with these alcohol guidelines or any other university regulation or policy. Event managers and University Police Department (UPD) further reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol or alcohol containers being held, sold, or served in violation of these alcoholic guidelines.
  7. The University is not responsible for damage to personal items such as tents or tables within the designated tailgating areas.
  8. All trash, bottles, cans, food waste, etc., must be picked up and placed in trash receptacles.
  9. Animals are not allowed except when permitted by the University's Service, Assistance and Other Animals on Campus Regulation, 6.0210R.
  10. UNF is a smoke-free campus. Smoking at tailgating events is not permitted.
  11. The tailgating safety and security plan is coordinated by UPD in consultation with Athletics and Environmental Health and Safety.

Disciplinary Sanctions

Violations of federal or state law or city or county ordinances related to alcohol may result in action by the UPD or other outside law enforcement.  Violation of these guidelines may also result in disciplinary action. See Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy 14.0060P, the Student Code of Conduct 5.0010R, Disciplinary Action 4.0260R, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.