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Digital Humanities Institute

Visualizing Refugee Jacksonville

Refugee girls in traditional clothingThis project explores the experiences of refugee communities in Jacksonville. Based off of first–hand research involving refugee resettlement agencies, as well as interviews with individuals and families, we seek to visualize the ways that refugees transition to Jacksonville and integrate into the life of our city. Using methods and tools for oral history, visual storytelling, and digital mapping, this project seeks to make visible the lives of a population largely unseen by the larger Jacksonville community—that of the sizeable refugee communities that live among us and contribute in numerous ways to the diversity and vitality of our city. This project has been designed and is led by a team of student/alumni collaborators from the UNF International Studies Program.


Student/alumni leaders/collaborators:

Natalie Holland headshotNatalie Holland (international studies)

Sarah Lynch headshotSarah Lynch (international studies/Spanish)

Chris Wilson headshotChris Wilson (international studies 2017)

Photo by Siddhant Soni on Unsplash