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myWings Paystub Navigation Guide

This manual is a guide to access UNF employee's online payroll stub.


1. Enter your UNF Login ID and Password in UNF's MyWings webpage; click the Login button or press the enter key on your keyboard.


sign on screen for UNF to enter username and passwork


Navigate to tab that says "Employee Resources"


UNF myWings tiles with employee resources highlighted


On the Employee Resources page, third form the top, click on Employee Self-Service


Employee resources in myWings with employee self service highlighted


Once on the Employee Services page, click on pay information line


UNF Employee services page with pay information highlighted


On the pay information screen, last line on bottom, click on pay stub


UNF pay information page with pay stub link highlighted


4. The Select Pay Stub Year page will appear. The Pay Stub Year should default to the current year. Click the Display button to continue.


UNF select pay stub year with display button highlighted


5. The View Pay Stub Summary page will appear which will show a list of all payrolls received for the year. Click the desired pay stub date to view the details of the pay stub.


UNF pay information menu with pay stub highlighted


6. The View Pay Stub Detail will appear.


UNF view paystub summary page with pay stub date highlighted


7. To print the pay stub, scroll down to the bottom of the View Pay Stub Detail page and click the Printer Friendly button.


UNF pay stup detail page with printer friendly button highlighted


8. The printer friendly version of the pay stub will appear. From your web browser toolbar, click the printer icon or click File, select Print. Depending on printer brand, type and settings, if the printout of your pay stub does not print on one page, change page settings - orientation from landscape to portrait; adjust margins (left, right, top, and bottom).


printer friendly pay stub from UNF


For further questions regarding the Pay Stub, please contact the UNF Payroll Office at (904) 620-2992, (904) 620-2706, (904) 620-2984 or