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University of North Florida Student Conduct

COVID-19 Updates

As the University of North Florida monitors the COVID-19 situation, the Student Conduct Office will be consistent with University class days during the period of remote instruction. The Office is currently working remotely and all meetings are being held virtually. Please contact our Office via email ( with any questions. We appreciate your patience and understanding!


The University of North Florida is committed to taking all appropriate measures to maintain the safety of the University community as a result of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus ("coronavirus" or "COVID-19") and is therefore issuing the Coronavirus Safety Policy (1.0180P) in furtherance of that commitment.


If you believe an individual is not following the Health and Safety Measures established in the Coronavirus Safety Policy, please submit the COVID-19 Measures Reporting Form.

Mission Statement

Student Conduct is committed to enhancing the quality of student life and providing a safer campus by holding students accountable for their actions and treating students with consistency, fairness, and understanding. The Student Conduct Staff administers hearings, provides educational sanctions to reinforce community standards, and partners with several UNF departments to develop students and to teach civic responsibility.

Student Conduct Philosophy Statement

Student Conduct provides students with the educational opportunities to better understand an individual's responsibility to themselves and to the community. It reflects the University and Division of Student and International Affairs missions by promoting student awareness, growth, and accountability. Student Conduct serves to protect individual rights, while developing good citizenship, and providing procedural fairness to students accused of violating established standards of conduct.


The entire process is designed to be educational, from the conduct review through completion of sanctions. Sanctions given to students are educational in nature. Our office provides learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom by holding meaningful discussions about behavior and issuing individually tailored sanctions that match the student's needs and the community expectations.


We help the campus remain a safe living and learning environment by holding students accountable for their behavior and taking the time to meet with students for all cases (both low level and high level) to help students change problematic behavior before it escalates - relate the issues to "real world" situations.