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Career Services

STAR Program


Upgrade your skill set and advance your hiring potential with the STAR: Professional Branding Certificate program.

As industries evolve, so do our certificates, and the STAR Certificate was crafted with input from employers, faculty, and our business advisory council to build upon our professional development training curriculum so our students stay current with today’s ever-changing demands.

All UNF students can earn the STAR Certificate in just a few short weeks, or in a few days by attending the Fast Track event held every Spring.

With a combination of online workshops, in-person appointments, events and customized resources, this hybrid certificate provides flexible options to give students the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to gain a competitive edge.

Get Started

Use the button below to enroll in the online Canvas course that provides instructions with completing all three steps of the STAR: Professional Branding Certificate.

For any questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact Career Services at (904) 620-JOBS or

Enroll via Canvas

Program Benefits

  • Impress employers with a professional development certification on your resume
  • Receive recognition at an annual banquet
  • Earn a custom certificate at the banquet and a gift from our sponsors
  • Be referred by the Career Services Center to top companies seeking candidates
  • Considered a top applicant for UNF’s elite mentorship programs including the UNF Executive Mentor Program and the Career Peer Program