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Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Scholarships

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs offers an increasing number of merit and need-based scholarships each year funded by generous gifts from private donors, alumni, friends of the University, administration, faculty, staff, non-profit organizations and corporations.


2022-2023 application window for the following “apply to” undergraduate scholarships


Students may apply for Academic and Student Affairs scholarships through the UNF scholarship management system, Academic Works, at This portal allows students to view eligible scholarships, apply online and manage the acceptance process. Please follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Complete the Data Sharing Consent form

Each year, students must complete the data sharing consent form to be considered for ANY Foundation scholarship. This includes renewal of an existing scholarship. Once the form is complete, it takes approximately 24 hours for student data to be updated in Academic Works.


To access and complete the form:

  • Click here: Consent Form Webpage
  • Log into myWings
  • Click on the Data Consent with UNF Foundation Scholarship link
  • Fill out the form and click submit at the bottom

Step 2: Visit UNF Academic Works

Students may sign into the AW system using their UNF login/password. Academic works allows students to complete the "General Application" to be auto-matched to scholarships. They are also given the opportunity to complete the "Conditional Application" to apply-to specific scholarships. After completing and submitting the application, the student can check the status of an application under the "My Applications" tab.

General Application - "Auto-Match"

The student must complete and submit their "General Application" first. You will be asked a series of preliminary questions to be considered for opportunities university wide that are designated as "Auto-Match". The system has pre-determined qualifiers in place to retrieve this information. After entering all of your information, click the "Submit" button. If you do not click the submit button, you will remain in a drafted status.

Conditional Application - "Apply-To"

The conditional application requires the student to "Apply-To" recommended scholarship opportunities by providing additional information such as an essay, community services, recommendation letter, etc. as noted per the donor gift agreement. After entering all of your information, click the "Submit" button, otherwise, you will remain in a drafted status.

Selection Process

Upon completing the application, the student will automatically be matched to scholarship opportunities for which they qualify. It is important for students to know that "Qualifying does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship". It means that you meet one or more of the criteria qualifications. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs has a scholarship committee who reviews all qualified applicants and gives their recommendations which are then submitted for approval by financial aid and foundation accounting. If approved, the recipient will be sent an offer letter to either accept or decline the scholarship.

An important note about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP):

Students are reviewed for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of each term. Students who fall into SAP warning or suspension receive an email informing them of their SAP status. Students in SAP suspension may submit a SAP appeal to the University. Unless the appeal is submitted and approved, the student will not be eligible to receive a Academic and Student Affairs scholarship; the appeal process should take place prior to applying for any scholarship awards. The SAP Appeal instructions can be found by clicking the link provided (SAP Appeal Form). For questions regarding One-Stop Services Financial Aid, please contact (904) 620-5555.

General Scholarship Information

  • Financial Aid: Need-based scholarships require you to have a current FAFSA on file. For questions regarding this, contact One-Stop Services Financial Aid at 904-620-5555.
  • Funding: Scholarship awards are contingent on the availability of funding.
  • How do scholarship awards affect my Federal Financial Aid? Scholarships count toward your financial aid; therefore, other need-based aid (grants, subsidized loans, etc.) may need to be reduced so you are not over-awarded beyond your cost of education. A Cost of Education budget is determined for each student and, according to Federal regulations, the sum of your awards cannot exceed this budget. Additionally, if you are an athlete, the NCAA has regulations and guidelines that must be followed. It is imperative that you notify One-Stop Student Services if you are receiving additional funding as the scholarship award might affect your Federal Financial Aid.
  • Attending scholarship events: Academic and Student Affairs scholarship recipients should plan to attend at least one donor event. This is typically a requirement of certain scholarships and provides the recipients an opportunity to meet with their donor(s) and express their gratitude in person. Dates and times vary.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Tips

  • Make an impact: Your thank you letter is very important to the donor! It provides you with an opportunity to share your own personal story and to express your gratitude for the award.
  • Make it your own: Share your own story about you, what year you are in, what you are majoring in, how this scholarship has helped you and a brief description of your short-term / long-term career aspirations. Donors greatly appreciate your heartfelt thank you letter.
  • Write professionally: You want to make a good impression! Write clearly and concise, express enthusiasm and be sincere and triple check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting it.



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