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Executive Committee- Chair: Captain Rick Hoffman

  • Consists of the Council Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, standing Committee Chairs, Immediate Past President, Provost or his designee, and Director of Development.
  • Will meet between regular SACC meetings, at least two times per year.
  • Will report on its activities at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Governance Committee- Chair: Roya Ashurian 

  • Consists of the current Council Chair and all past Council Chairs.
  • Takes the lead in Council assessment as to its composition, determining the existing attributes, skill sets, abilities, influence and access to resources that make up the Council.
  • Determines the future needs of the Council as members roll off in order to balance the Council’s community representation as it relates to professional experience, board experience, diversity and community engagement. 
  • Identifies potential Council member candidates and explores their interest and availability for Council service.
  • Nominates individuals for consideration by the members of the Council. 
  • Nominates Council members for election as Council officers. 

Leadership Committee- Chair: Capt. Rick Hoffman  

  • Establishes a venue for reciprocal partnerships/relationships whereby community feedback is integrated into the Taylor Leadership Institute.
  • Provides a resource of leaders as role models representing multiple constituency groups (non profit, business and industry, contemporary culture)
  • Gives members an integral perspective of the Taylor Leadership Institute and its impact on students and the University community.
  • Serves as an opportunity to further explore opportunities and alliances with our Community Based Transformational Learning initiative.

Community Outreach and Awareness Committee- Chair: Ed Perez 

  • Assists in connecting members of the community to UNF and Student Affairs.
  • Identifies and cultivates potential prospects for UNF Student Affairs.
  • Finds new members for Student Affairs Community Council.

Military and Veterans Resource Committee- Chair: 

  • Will assist SA’s Director of Military and Veterans Programs and Services in identification, prioritization, and implementation of programs and services that apply research and best practices that ensure the successful transition to college of UNF’s military and veteran student population. 
  • Assists with developing a strategic vision that creates academic and non-credit programs and curriculum that engage the military services. (War College, Joint Service College programs and initiatives)
  • Assists with the development of relationships with local businesses that creates mentoring programs for military and veteran students, cultivating the necessary skills and abilities to achieve career success following graduation.

Scholarship Committee- Chair: Dr. Anne Lufrano

  • Will work with UNF staff, faculty and, on occasion, other community members to determine scholarship applicants’ eligibility for scholarships awarded by the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Will make final selection of scholarship candidates to award recipients for each scholarship. 

Scholarship Fundraiser Planning Committee- Chair: Dr. Anne Lufrano

  • Will work with UNF staff, faculty and other community members to raise awareness about the need for student scholarships, as well as work to raise fund for scholarships awarded through the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Assists UNF staff and faculty with the development and planning of Student Affairs Community Council fundraiser events.