2014 Academic Program Review Timeline

Date Activity
14 March 2014 Orientation Session
18 April 2014
(or earlier)

External Reviewer Selected-CV submitted to Shawn Brayton
2 May 2014
(or earlier)
Department Chair contacts external reviewer and identifies potential 2-day visit dates for September and October 2014 and submits to Shawn Brayton
16 May 2014
(or earlier)
External Reviewer dates established by Shawn Brayton and the Department chair--department chair reviews potential dates with college folks and Shawn reviews potential dates with Academic Affairs folks
23 May 2014
(or earlier)
Administrative Assistant will be contacted by Catherine Trask to initiate the paperwork for the visit
15 June 2014     (or earlier)
Draft Visit itinerary submitted to Shawn Brayton
15 August 2014 Self-Study reports due to Academic Affairs
30 August 2014
(or earlier)
Shawn will release self-study report and appendices to the External Reviewer
September - October 
External Review visits take place
(or earlier)

Debriefings will be held