Faculty Development Grants - 2017

Scholarship Grants
Name     Department Title
Sherry Shaw      Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education      Quality of Life for Adults who are Deaf with Multiple Disabilities: A Case Study of an Austrian Therapeutic Live-Work Community 
Juan Aceros
Mary Lundy     
Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences     
An interdisciplinary quantitative study of postural stability in children with motor disabilities
Shannon Eaves History Illicit Intercourse: How the Sexual Exploitation of Enslaved Women Shaped the Antebellum South
Terri Ellis Biology Metabolomic Analysis of Bacterial Secreted Vesicles
Alan Harris
Nick Hudyma
Engineering (Elec)
Engineering (Civil)
Three-Dimensional Thermal Mapping of Building Envelopes Using Drones
Jason Haraldsen Physics Investigation into Spintronic Devices using Graphene Nanoribbons
Kenneth Laali Chemistry Developing a Multifaceted NIH Grant Proposal on the Synthesis and Bioactivity of Novel Curcuminoids as Potential anti-cancer Drugs
John Hewitt Physics SuperStar Clusters as Sites of Particle Acceleration
Suzanne Ehrlich Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education Visual Note Taking: The Use of Mobile Technology with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students to Improve Access to Interpreted Lectures
Amy Lane Biology Natural products from a novel marine bacterium as inhibitors of fungal biofilms
Hannah Malcolm Chemistry The identification of the pH sensor in E. coli MscS
Andrea Arikawa
Michele Bednarzyk
Benjamin Gordon
Nutrition and Dietetics
Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences
Dietary supplement use in college students: relationship with lifestyle, psychosocial, and biological factors
Elena Buzaianu Mathematics and Statistics Multiple Comparisons of Binomial Proportions with Applications to Clinical Trials
Jenny Stuber Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Precarity and Power: How the Middle Class Navigate Inequality Amid Affluence
Sam Kimball English How the Faculty across a Single University (UNF) Converge and Diverge in the Ways They Teach Writing 
Mei Zhao Public Health Health Information Technology (IT) and Hospital Performance: Are they Related
Mark Ari
Katrina Hall
John White
Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL
Foundations and Secondary Education 
Preparing Students for a Global Society: Creating and Implementing an Interdisciplinary Thematic Secondary Public School Curriculum
Alizera Jahan-Mihan
Dawn Witherspoon
Nutrition and Dietetics
Development of a NIH R15 proposal to examine the effect of TV-viewing on appetite, food intake and food selection in normal weight and obese male and female children
Malgorzata Czerwinska Mathematics and Statistics Order Properties in Symmetric Spaces of Measureable Operators