Faculty Development Summer Grants   - 2013

 Scholarship Grants


Name Department Title
Gregory Ahearn Biology Intestinal co-trasport of amino acids and metals using a dipeptide transporter
Daniel Arenas Physics Nonlinear-optics and electron microscopy measurements of new materials
Devrim Bilgili Mathematics and Statistics Bayesian approach to competing risk analysis for masked cause of failure with time-dependent covariatesD
Denise Bossy History Trading Youth:  Indian and Colonial Children in Virginia, 1580-1670
James Broomall History Personal Reconstructions:  Southerners in War and Peace, 1840-1890
Christopher Brown Engineering Evaluation of Serial Addition of Peracetic Acid for the Disinfection of Reuse Wastewater
Alison Bruey History Bread, Justice, and Liberty:  Neoliberalism, Human Rights, and Grassroots Organizing in Pinochet's Chile
Trevor Dunn Art and Design Atmospheric Perspectives - Summer Residency at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts
Jose Franco Mathematics and Statistics Global Representations of the Conformal Group and the Wave Equation with a Non-zero Source
Erinn Gilson Philosophy The Ethics of Vulnerability
Lakshmi Goel Management Defining Social Media Sentiment Metrics
Jenny Hager Art and Design 'Birmingham Southern College
Aiyin Jiang Construction Management Thermal Features and Energy Performance of Solar Shingle Roofs
Eric Johnson Biology Food wed impacts of invasive lionfish in nearshore coastal ecosystems of Florida
Dong-Young Kim Management Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Technological Innovation
Bryan Knuckley Chemistry Chemical probes targeting Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5: A novel therapeutic target for cancer
Christos Lampropoulos Chemistry The use of Mn12 Single-molecule Magnets (SMMs) as building blocks for the target synthesis of 1D chains or 3D networks
Beven Livingston Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences "Characterization of rotator cuff muscle stiffness during passive stretching using supersonic shear imaging"
Thomas Mullen Chemistry Replication of Multifunctional Nanoscale Surface Features
Sucheta Pyakuryal Political Science and Public Adminstration Weberian Bureaucracy as a Requisite for the Consolidation of Liberal Democracy:  A Study on South Asia
Julie Richmond Biology Evaluation of the endrocrine response to nutritional stress in multiple phocid (true seal) species
Daniel Santavicca Physics Characterization of Superconducting Nanowires as a Building Block for Quantum Circuits
Maria Elena Versari Art and Design Damnatio Memoriae in the 20th century.  The fate of totalitarian architecture (one-day symposium + archival research project)
Pingying Zhang Management How Angels and Venture Capitals Evaluate New Ventures - A Study of Screening Strategy At An Early Stage


Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Beyza Aslan Mathematics and Statistics Redesigning College Algebra course using NCAT's replacement model
Chris Baynard Economics and Geography Remapping the curriculum:  the campus is a classroom.  Localizing data and analysis in Geographic Information Systems
Stuart Chalk Chemistry Publication of Interactive Teaching Materials for CHM 3120C
Keith Cartwright English Gulf Knowledge and Writing
Brandi Denison Philosophy Student-based Oral Histories of Jacksonville's African American Religious Communities
Ken Martin Computing Building Blocks to Invent Mobile Apps with Smart Phones
Thobias Sando Engineering Intergrating the ExCEEd Model in Teaching the Trasportation Engineering Course (TTE 4004)
Jillian Smith English In Service:  Community Documentary Workshop and the Jacksonville National Cemetery
Lunetta Williams Childhood Education, Literacy and TESOL Developing Virtual Field Experiences for Preservice and Inservice Teachers
Yongan Wu Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Development of Instructional Materials for Conversation in Chinese


Proposal Development Grants


Name Department Title
Christa Arnold Communication Patient Medical Communication Skills Training and Assessment:  Testing the New AGENDA Curriculum
Chitra Balasubramanian Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences Gait Adaptability in Persons following a stroke
Michelle Boling Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences Patellofemoral Pain and Serum Biomarkers for Cartilage Turnover:  Implications for Future Development of Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis
Lev Gasparov Physics Development of the NSF Research Experience for the Undergraduate (REU) Center proposal and NSF Research in the Undergraduate Institution (RUI) proposal.
Thomas Mullen Chemistry Development of an NSF RUI Proposal for the Replicating Multifunctional and Biological Surface Structures for Enhanced Scanning Probe Microscopy
Julie Richmond Biology The Cost of a  New Fur Coat:  Endocrine Regulation of Nutrient Allocation for Hair Growth verses Reproduction in an Antarctic Seal Species
Daniel Santavicca Physics Development of Quantum Electronics Based on Superconducting Nanowires