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Phase Three & Four – Faculty & Administrative Governance Processes

Faculty Governance

The department will initiate the faculty governance process by uploading the full proposal to the APC Workflow System (refer to Resources in Right menu) for review and approval. Proposals are reviewed first by the college curriculum committee. Upon approval the proposal is placed in the Faculty Association Academic Programs Committee queue. Approved proposals are submitted to the Faculty Association agenda for a vote. If the Faculty Association approves the proposal, it will be placed in the Academic Affairs queue. The provost will discuss the merits of the proposal with the president.

Administrative Governance

Upon presidential approval, the proposal is submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) of the Board of Trustees for consideration. If the AAC approves the proposal it will be moved forward for approval to the full Board of Trustees (BOT). After the BOT approves the proposal, the Florida Board of Governors will be notified. If the degree proposal is for a doctorate program, then it also must receive approval by the Florida Board of Governors.

If warranted, the last step in the approval process is the submission of a SACSCOC substantive change prospectus. If substantive change is not required, then the program is ready to begin the implementation phase.