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 New Major/Degree Program Process

The process by which new degree programs are created is governed by Florida Board of Governor regulation and UNF policy. Each year, UNF includes a rolling three-year list of programs under consideration in its annual University Work Plan submitted to the Florida Board of Governors. The three-year list represents new programs for consideration during the upcoming academic year and two years beyond. Before the new degree program process can be initiated, the potential degree program must be listed in the University Work Plan, Academic Program Coordination section (refer to Resources in Right menu).

After a potential program is listed on the University Work Plan, there is a five-stage process to getting it approved and implemented. Spanning a little over two academic years, these five phases are designed to assure alignment with institutional and state priorities and resources. The first phase focuses on the Request to Plan (RTP) process. Phase two through four focus on proposal development and approval via faculty governance, university administration, and Board of Trustee curriculum processes. The last phase focuses on program implementation.