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Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award 2008-2009
Miwa Nguyen

Miwa Nguyen
Brooks College of Health

Miwa Nguyen, Senor Academic Advisor in Brooks College of Health at University of North Florida, received the university's 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advising Award.

The Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advising Award is presented annually by the Academic Affairs to undergraduate academic advisors who have made outstanding contributions to the field of academic advising for the year preceding the award application. Recipients may be nominated by university faculty members, academic advisors, or students, are selected by a committee of former award winners, a faculty member, students, and a university staff, and receive a $2,000 prize.

Miwa received Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and Master of Education degree in counselor education from University of North Florida. She has been working as a Brooks College of Health academic advisor since October, 2005.

She recalls the year 2008 as the most challenging year in the three and a half years of her advising service to the university. She took on the duties of the Director of Advising and carried the load for two advisor positions while searching for a new director and a new advisor and training the new advisor and a new administrative secretary. She says, “I believe it is through facing challenge that people grow and learn more about themselves and others around them. I cannot express my appreciation enough to those in the university community who provided me with support and patience while I learned new responsibilities and overcame numbers of challenges. Now looking back, I am delighted to say that the year 2008 became one of the most rewarding and unforgettable year in my life.”

Dr. Lucy Trice, the Associate Dean of Brooks College of Health, who worked closely with and supported Miwa during the time, praised her consummate professionalism, unfailing competency, and graciousness in all her dealings. “Miwa’s interpersonal skills are excellent. I think the fact that we had no student complaints regarding advising during the time she was so short-staffed is a testimony to how well she handled that situation. She relates very well to students, faculty and staff — she expresses a genuine concern for the students as well as for the integrity of the program curricula and has earned the respect of all who work with her. There is a sense in which she epitomizes the phrase: ‘no one like you, no place like this.’”

As an Academic Advisor, Miwa is responsible for disseminating information on Brooks College of Health programs and university policies and procedures to prospective and current students, maintaining and updating Brooks College of Health programs in the banner, attending recruitment events as a Brooks College of Health representative, evaluating applications for a limited access and a selective admission programs, and serving as a resource person for Brooks College of Health faculty and staffs.

One of her current advisees pointed out Miwa’s enthusiasm for her job and willingness to strive to do her best. “Miwa is a very hard worker, and she provides every student with the encouragement and support that they need to exceed in their education as well as life in general. If it were not for Miwa, I would not be where I am today. When I began classes at UNF, I was on the verge of giving up on school and I did not have the faith in myself that I needed to reach my goals. With her constant guidance and support, I am right where I always hoped I would be today.”